Upgrade the quality of daily study life on campus


An excellent and happy campus allows students to thrive. ISS cares about the vision of the institution and helps to create the best quality of life on campus, providing a safe, green, nutritious, healthy, happy campus environment to optimize creativity and learning potential of each student. Our service is customized to complete your needs and bring you visible value.

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Parents’ satisfaction with meals

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The largest project area

Experts in Education

We take your needs as the core of the solution, provide more humanized services that are more suitable to students’ needs, strengthen brand reputation, and create value at every stage of campus life.

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Five tailored service lines

Operation Excellence

We provide catering, cleaning, life teacher, technical and other services. It is composed of an experienced team that integrates people, places, and processes. ISS provides solutions specifically for the school to enhance the happiness of teachers, students, visitors, and parents.


Technology and insights that create a creative campus

High-Tech Solutions

ISS focuses on the latest technology and innovation, proposes the solution that meets your needs. E.g., ISS have introduced quantum disinfection robot solutions in practice, and realize one-stop disinfection management.


Deliver a differeniate learning and study experience


ISS helps you to further promote the in-depth integration of technology and education and teaching, achieve refined management, standardized implementation, and provide good services to maximize the potential of each student.

Our services

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A healthy and safe option of leisure

Food Services

The menu has been carefully designed by the catering team, offering different types and styles of food choices, to create an extraordinary campus dining experience. The latest survey shows that parents are nearly 90% satisfied with our meals. At the same time, our team also provides catering support for school banquets, parent meetings and other events.

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A clean and hygienic environment

Cleaning Services

ISS is one of the largest cleaning service providers in China and even in the world. We provide schools around the world with clean and hygienic environment. Whether it is daily campus cleaning or daily epidemic prevention and disinfection, our conscientious cleaning team provides a clean and tidy campus for teachers and students to ensure that every corner is disinfected at the first time in the post-epidemic era.

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Control every move on the campus 24/7

Security service

Our security team strictly checks and controls the identities of people entering and leaving the campus through door guards, patrols, CCTV monitoring, etc. And we control every move on the campus in real time 24 hours a day, allowing parents to send their children to campus with confidence. Combined with customized solutions such as emergency response, fire safety management, and safety risk identification, we will fully ensure campus safety.

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Provide meticulous care for students

Life teacher service

Life teachers provide meticulous care for students, including school bus transfers, safety guidance, accompanying meals and recess activities, accompanying medical treatment, etc. They can be seen in every corner of the school. Under the leadership of the tutors and teachers, the life teacher team provides a good foundation for front-line teaching, helps to establish a continuous and creative education style.


Run the campus facilities smoothly

Technical services

Composed of an experienced team, we integrate people, places, and processes to provide school-specific solutions on campus to enhance the value preservation of campus facilities. We assist in the design of the approach plan and cooperate with the project docking. After the campus facilities are running smoothly, we will be responsible for inspections and daily maintenance, and timely discover, solve problems in public facilities, to ensure that customers have a well-maintained campus.


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